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The secret to present happiness is saying yes, unequivocally, to our current circumstance — to what’s happening here and now. It’s happening anyway. Yes? It’s saying YES to our love-self within which is already receiving life without resistance. That’s how what’s happening is happening for us.Our core philosophy is that Life’s just happening as its happening. We can accept what is and let love shine itself in the moment — or we can resist. One’s yummy. One’s icky.Resistance is the mental construct personalizing life — or making what’s happening personal to me.That ’me’ says ‘I don’t like this’ or I wish that were different or when this changes then...We talk about how we zero back to the loving knowing behind every happening, where we’re already in acceptance and allowance. — that’s why it’s happening.

Danét stumbled into writing a few years ago and has never looked back since. The key message of her new book is:
“If you’re ready to put in the (mental) work, you can achieve true happiness and ever-present peace. If you’re willing to be wrong about what you thought was right, you can Forgive the past and live in present happiness now!”

Her book, ‘Coffee with the Divine: A Yummy Guide to Daily Miracles,’ breaks down the process she has perfected through the years through her experience with the 365 lessons (or one for each day of the year) of A Course In Miracles.

She breaks them down in ways that are easy to understand and practice in one’s everyday life so that they can experience freedom from fear and live a joyful, fulfilled life. The information in this amazing book is a distilled version of her interpretation, complete with personal examples that everybody can use to find the peace of mind they seek.
‘Coffee with the Divine: A Yummy Guide to Daily Miracles’ has been a study on a practical love way of life, along with her vocation of over 30 years. Danét uses her experiences to integrate a better understanding of how people can help “regenerate” themselves from all manner of degeneration by providing practices that enliven and sustain wellbeing — such that they can live inspired lives generated by their own true, loving being.

The book reads like an expose and delves deeper into the pragmatic ways in which Danét has transformed her life for the better, and how others can achieve that level of nirvana too.


35 years ago, Danét made an appointment with divinity. It turned out to be the single most life-changing decision of her life — to dedicate her first few wakening moments to The Divine, and her own spiritual awakening. To open to Love and keep her heart open no matter what — to make unconditional love happiness her spiritual path.

She has kept this daily appointment ever since, and by surrendering her thoughts and emotions to Divine Love, she learned that Divine Love is the true nature of who she is and who we all are. From this base, she attracted the theosophy of A Course in Miracles where she learned to forgive false beliefs and embody the truth of innate worth in herself and everyone. She continues to live this philosophy that joy is the way of love and the practice of aligning our thinking with love, and act accordingly.

She practices and teaches and that we can change our thought system from fear-based thinking to thoughts that are governed by love and goodwill toward others, always.

A Metaphysical Minister by profession, Danét worked as an inspirational pragmatic coach for many years. During that time, she helped create and facilitate intensive workshops and has also facilitated groups as well as individual and couples counseling, helping others to let go of the past and choose the path of present joy.

She remains passionate about spreading the message of inspiration through joy — articulating and sharing wisdom in a joyful, synchronizing way. As a professional author and podcaster, Danét is also passionate about creating a ‘Yummy Way Movement’ with a worldwide community committed to living joy.

She has a weekly podcast, The Yummy Way – With Parker & Danét which she cohosts with her son Parker. And has another book on the way. So, stay tuned!

She currently resides in New Mexico with her yummy husband, Lar, appreciating the gift of life each day brings.



Parker is joy personified. His smile and attitude are an infection we all want to get.

Video gaming has been a major love and influence in the fluid way he views life, its challenges andopportunities, fun and success; shifting them from mere tasks to be performed, to a quest foradventure. Through his lifetime of passion and dedication, no video game is beyond his potentialmastery.

A talented photographer and budding poet, Parker brings to life the essence and emotional elementbehind the subjects that capture his eye. Then often puts into simple, reflective language the poetry wefeel.

Music is another significant expression for Parker to share his love of life as art to be expressed. He playsguitar, ukulele, sings and writes songs.

He lives in Salt Lake City Utah with his life partner, Annika, a talented artist and creator of the avatarsand artwork for The Yummy Way logos, and their fur-ball cat, Murphy, enjoying good the simple life andgood coffee.

Parker cohosts The Yummy Way Podcast with his mom, Danét who has championed his way of beingand influenced many of the attitudes and beliefs he now holds dear.

Together, they make quite the yummy team.