Viewing Life From Love and Wholeness — Being your Love Self in the World

Where are you? Where is here? Is it a physical location? Are you identifying as a body? Or are you aware of your essential being, as the aware, knowing presence which is not bound to a location, in a body or some physical space. Take a moment to locate that essential self. 

Ask yourself the question; Am I aware? The immediate response is Yes. Right? Now feel into that yes… breath into that awareness… That is your essential self. It’s not really locate-able, but without question, it is there, answering you. There is a knowing of your experience that is ever present behind and amidst all our experiences. Yes? 

Don’t take my word for it. Check it for yourself. It’s impossible to miss, yet you can’t actually define it. 

Feel around in there, inside this yes to your aware being. Is there a spot-on location? Is there an age or edge or limit? Does it come and go? Or is it there whenever you call your mind back from identifying with the objects of your experience and tune to the awareness of it? 

You may be present in this moment but what is your state of mind? What is the point from which you view yourself and the world? Is this point of viewing as a person in a body, as an identity with a past and future and storyline looking out from the body’s eyes? 

Or is your viewpoint from Love? As love— looking out from love and wholeness we see only oneness and the truth of our interconnectedness. One Love, appearing as everything.

Whenever you see or perceive anything other than joy and peace and gratitude, you are off the mark from the truth of what you really are… which is open expansive love. 

 Getting back to your center is as simple as making a decision and changing your direction. Return now to truth; there is no need to suffer. Either you are in joy or you are in hell — there is no in between. 

It’s the message of the yummy way. We each have a unique message. For me it is how am I being in this present moment— which effect how I see everyone and everything. From love, I see this moment as a miraculous gift. 

If I am not centered in my essential being as Love, the tendency is for my ego mind to make interpretations based on memory of past experience, or as a problem to be solved. 

I heard about this study that said that on the average 96.4 % of your energy goes towards negative thinking. Shit man. Is that our point of viewing? Is that the identity from which I am viewing myself and my life and the world around me?  Your mind’s probably already making its case about this not being you. You’re the other 3.96%. 

It happens so quickly. We feel a little glitch inside and the energy trapped within the psyche that didn’t move freely when we resisted or tried to cling to an experience in the past, spins a story about what this brand new experience is — as if we really know. We don’t. This moment is brand new — fresh and alive with with possibility. 

But when we notice the shift in energy, that too, is a gift — a chance to pause and breath and just let the energy move through, letting go of the tendency to pre-interpret.

The very fact that something inside me glitches at these stats tells me something. It is an invitation to move into my direct experience here and now. Where is the energy? Is the a pooling of resistance in considering this? Yes? Can I accept my resistance? Yes? Can I soften and ease the tightening so the energy can flow. The energy is what’s real. The story around it is not. I don’t actually have to deal with the story. Just the flow. 

When you notice you are resisting receiving this moment just as it is… This too, is great. Now there a desire to see where the blocks are, yes? 

Of course studies are always subjective. There’s really no way to actually determine this. What we have are controlled environments where they read brain waves and energetic aura patterns. 

There are lots of these groovy studies and technologies that can read energy. Camera that can prove that when you change the vibration of something, it either thrives or dies. Like the water one, where when you send love to a plant it thrives and when you say hateful things to it, it dies. 

When you think negative thoughts it registers no light at all. You’re not emitting any light at all. Now that’s not completely accurate because at the core we are light. The light is just covered by this negativity. It’s hidden but it’s there. When we’re neutral, there is a little light. When we’re thinking loving truthful thoughts the light is clearly visible and expanding. 

We can look at our own lives as a lab. What would you say is the percentage your point of viewing is coming from seeing negativity or problems that need solving, shame, guilt, judgment of yourself or others, attack thoughts? Even thinking about the past is included in that. Thinking about the future, worrying or hoping it will be better… How much of your time would you say you spend in your body identity?

And what percentage is coming from seeing love and unity and wholeness?

 Using our lives as a proving ground for expanding our love and light self is a fabulous way to live. What’s the downside of standing as love and extending love and light to see something beyond what the problem, past oriented mind is telling us to see.

 It’s always throwing a judgment out that says in one way or another that this moment — this here, now isn’t what you want. That it’s not enough. You want something else. 

But be honest. It’s what you’ve got. That’s the truth. Here now is it. 

Standing as love in a deliberate yes saying to what is. It shines a light on the situation and we can see we’re actually okay, we’re just right, right here and now. That light extends so we see the situation as an invitation from life. If we have an agenda that says we want something else, when we already have what we have, we effectively turn off that light to what actually is available to us here and now, and shows us how we can serve the moment with love and joyous engagement. 

With the light on, we can see the one next step. That is enough. 

Feel the pulse of life or love beating within. Look at the person nearest to you or think of someone and extend that love forth. This literally joins us in the light which reveals our wholeness, our oneness. Smile. It releases endorphins and immediately gives us a feeling of connection with the moment, the other beings and life all around us. 

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