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Baptized by Love

How I Found Present Joy And Never Let It Go

A powerful, loving presence I can’t quite describe pulses through me . . . clearing my mind at last . . . I am astonished by this second chance—this feeling of warm, tender, indescribable, and unconditional love permeating me.

Here, in my naked vulnerability, I think of how, just forty-eight hours before, I felt the cold steel of a barrel beneath my chin and the icy determination that I didn’t deserve to live. Rewinding the reel of those last hours chills me to the bone. How am I afforded this moment of grace, this chance to choose love over fear? How is it that love found me in the rubble of self-loathing, of shame, of abuse and abject failure? I don’t know, yet that “I don’t know” is merciful freedom. I breathe it in, dispelling the chill.

Danét’s ability to unflinchingly express her raw innermost thoughts and feelings during moments of darkness and coming into her own light provide a powerfully transforming read. This memoir is a story of forgiveness, redemption, and the restoration of self-love and abundant joy—a resounding promise that no matter the heartbreak, violence, or trauma you’ve experienced, you can use your pain to uncover a life of present joy. 

Baptized by Love is available in the following independent bookstores!

Marissa’s Books
3302 S 900 E, Millcreek, UT 84106

The King’s English 
1511 S 1500 E, Salt Lake City, UT 84105

The Printed Garden
9445 S Union Square STE A, Sandy, UT 84070

The Book Bungalow 
94 West Tabernacle Street, St. George, Utah 84770 

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About "Coffee with the Divine: A Yummy Guide to Daily Miracles"

Danét stumbled into writing a few years ago and has never looked back since. The key message of her new book is:
“If you’re ready to put in the (mental) work, you can achieve true happiness and ever-present peace. If you’re willing to be wrong about what you thought was right, you can Forgive the past and live in present happiness now!”

Her book, ‘Coffee with the Divine: A Yummy Guide to Daily Miracles,’ breaks down the process she has perfected through the years through her experience with the 365 lessons (or one for each day of the year) of A Course In Miracles.

She breaks them down in ways that are easy to understand and practice in one’s everyday life so that they can experience freedom from fear and live a joyful, fulfilled life. The information in this amazing book is a distilled version of her interpretation, complete with personal examples that everybody can use to find the peace of mind they seek.
‘Coffee with the Divine: A Yummy Guide to Daily Miracles’ has been a study on a practical love way of life, along with her vocation of over 30 years. Danét uses her experiences to integrate a better understanding of how people can help “regenerate” themselves from all manner of degeneration by providing practices that enliven and sustain wellbeing — such that they can live inspired lives generated by their own true, loving being.

The book reads like an expose and delves deeper into the pragmatic ways in which Danét has transformed her life for the better, and how others can achieve that level of nirvana too.

Love for "Coffee with the Divine"