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Danét Palmer is also the author of Coffee with the Divine: A Yummy Guide to Daily Miracles and host of “The Yummy Way Podcast.” Much of her adult life was spent as a psycho-spiritual mentor and metaphysical minister, coaching others to live true, authentic lives. But her greatest joy has been being mom to four remarkable children and watching them grow into extraordinary adults. Danét faced abuse and adversity with courage and lives her life on a foundation of love and guided by joy. She currently resides in New Mexico with her husband, Lar, and enjoys spending time with her friends and family.

Danét S. Palmer was born five minutes before her twin brother, Dirk, in Laramie, Wyoming, and grew up in Utah. She now lives a simple life in New Mexico with her artistic and geeky husband, Lar. When not writing about love, happiness, and miracles, she’s hanging out and laughing with her adult children, traveling, or lounging with a coffee and a book.

Danét is a metaphysical minister living a life of joy: coaching others to live more authentic lives, officiating wedding ceremonies and gatherings, and traveling across the globe spreading love and joy. She is the author of Coffee with the Divine: A Yummy Guide to Daily Miracles and host of “The Yummy Way Podcast.”

A daily meditator for most of her adult life, Danét wakes around 3 a.m. and spends the first few hours of each day in her yummy room—basking in the eternal nature of Divine Love and writing about it. Danét believes that, ultimately, life teaches us everything if we’re just willing to listen.

Danét writes about her experiences growing up in fear, the abuse she suffered by both the men in her life and herself, and how she decided to use those experiences to transform her life from fear to love. She has faced the truth of the beliefs that made her feel unworthy of love and is looking within to find a deeper truth. Love is what we are.

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About Danét's Book

Baptized by Love

How I Found Present Joy And Never Let It Go

A powerful, loving presence I can’t quite describe pulses through me . . . clearing my mind at last . . . I am astonished by this second chance—this feeling of warm, tender, indescribable, and unconditional love permeating me.

Here, in my naked vulnerability, I think of how, just forty-eight hours before, I felt the cold steel of a barrel beneath my chin and the icy determination that I didn’t deserve to live. Rewinding the reel of those last hours chills me to the bone. How am I afforded this moment of grace, this chance to choose love over fear? How is it that love found me in the rubble of self-loathing, of shame, of abuse and abject failure? I don’t know, yet that “I don’t know” is merciful freedom. I breathe it in, dispelling the chill.

Danét’s ability to unflinchingly express her raw innermost thoughts and feelings during moments of darkness and coming into her own light provide a powerfully transforming read. This memoir is a story of forgiveness, redemption, and the restoration of self-love and abundant joy—a resounding promise that no matter the heartbreak, violence, or trauma you’ve experienced, you can use your pain to uncover a life of present joy. 

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Danét Palmer Media Kit

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Topics that Danét can speak on...

  • Danét’s personal journey
  • Sober and thriving for decades
  • How to turn difficult situations into joy and ease
  • Danét’s definition of the Yummy Way – a divine YES to feeling our natural equanimity, and to finding the flow to life without resistance
  • How to eliminate negative self doubt to allow for more abundance in your life
  • How Danét established a daily Divine Love practice that changed her life
  • 3 ways to practice self-love and be good to yourself during difficult times in your life
  • Learning to forgive yourself & others when all hope seems lost
  • Miracles & MIRACLES – Living With Cancer



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