The Yummy Way Podcast

THE YUMMY WAY — Wouldn’t you like to feel yummy all the time? The Yummy Way is simply saying Yes to what’s happening, here & now and feeling good, or yummy about it. Each week we serve a delectable menu of what makes life truly scrumptious and how you can enjoy all of it. You can look forward to powerful insights, inspiring stories and actionable tips on living consciously mindful and Yummy, so you enjoy the delicious banquet of your life — the simple things as well as the challenges with grace and joy! As connoisseurs in practical spirituality, Danét and Parker or Lar share funny antidotes & satisfying ways you can love yourself, lighten up your life and make equanimity the foundation for living a yummy and fulfilling life. 

Learn what your personal Yummy-Stat is and how to use it to navigate that crazy mind-field in your head. Discover how to neutralize external triggers and overcome internal glitches that highjack your happiness, so you are free to be you. If you’re sick of the heavy, unhealthy menu of negative self-talk & self-sabotage— if you’re ready to kick fear-based thinking to the curb, take a seat. You’re in the right place. We’ll share how we do it and you can too! With insights and practices you can take on the go, we invite you to have a yummy mindset meal with us each week.

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